The Use of Rib Cartilage in Nose Surgery – near Manchester, New Hampshire

When performing nose surgery, Dr. Mark Constantian finds that it is nearly always necessary to use a nasal graft to maintain stability and create a balanced, natural appearance. Because artificial materials are impermanent and unreliable, Dr. Constantian prefers to use only the patient’s own cartilage or bone to produce grafts. Rib cartilage is often used in nose surgery at our practice, near Manchester, New Hampshire, as a grafting material. This page addresses many of the common questions patients have about the use of cartilage from the ribs.

“I have heard that rib cartilage is hard to use or isn’t good. Is that true?”
“How often do you use rib cartilage and how successful is it?”
“How will the use of rib cartilage affect my operation and recovery?”

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