Performing Rhinoplasty with a Nasal Graft at Our Office, near Boston and Manchester

Dr. Mark Constantian is a strong proponent of using a patient’s own bone and cartilage to add support and shape to the nose, because artificial materials do not provide a permanent solution and often slip out of place or need to be removed, due to infection. Performing rhinoplasty with a nasal graft at our practice, located between Boston, Massachusetts and Manchester, New Hampshire, is a complex procedure, but yields results that are far superior to those of other methods. On this page, Dr. Constantian addresses some common questions about nasal grafting.

“Do you always use grafts to fix a nose?”
“Where do you get the material for my nasal graft?”
“I’ve heard that grafts have problems. Why do you use them instead of silicone or some other artificial material that doesn’t have to come from the patient?”
“Why do your rhinoplasties involve so many grafts? Why don’t you just reduce the nose if it is too big?”

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